Thursday, February 11, 2010

Due Tuesday, February 17th!!!

Tuesday, February 17th, come prepared for the workshop with Christopher Head!

1) Screenplay/storyboard - revised and prepared for distribution to all.

2) Sets/Locations - complete basic object prims in SL for incorporation of scipts: living pod, corridor, airship interior/exterior, ventilation hatch, tram, etc.

3) Characters/Avatars - complete several iterations of Kuno and Vasti in the teal? scubs-like jump suit with variations skin tone, facial structure, hair/no-hair, etc.

The above video is a 2009 version of "The Machine Stops" - a different adaptation of the story that takes some liberties with the story, quite short. Interesting to note the two different adaptations of the story - ours will certainly be quite different, perhaps somewhere between the two in terms of the narrative and length. Worth watching but try not to let it define how you think of the story, sets, characters, etc (oddly, she doesn't seem to be his mother in this one?)

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