Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Workshops and visitors!!!

Tomorrow, March 10, all groups to present their progress to the class for input!

Starting next Wednesday, we will be having three consecutive weeks of visitors to our class!

1) March 17 - Christopher Head, expert SL builder/scripter will present a brief overview of his work followed by an intensive workshop focused on developing expert building, scripting and avatar creation!
Here is a project for which he provided technical assistance:

2) March 24 - Matteo Bittani, writer/curator/researcher of game art, followed by a lecture at 3pm in the lab.

3) March 3 - Patrick Lichty, SL artist, critic/curator, animator for the "Yes Men".

All three of these visitors will be with us for the entire class period - these should provide invaluable outside input into the process of creating, from the purely technical to the formal and conceptual. The first visit will be an active workshop involving all. For Bittani and Lichty we will briefly introduce the project to both of them followed by our normal class activities - seeking their input and feedback as we move forward on our collaborative production. I may have Patrick do a 1/2 hour or so talking about his work in SL. Both of them could be very helpful in terms of talking with us about how to get this work "out there", etc.

More soon!

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